You’ll Love The Reason This Shelter’s Staff Is Posing In Empty Dog Kennels

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, a Colorado Springs animal shelter, decided they needed to increase their adoptions.

Over 31% of dogs that enter shelters never leave again – they’re humanely euthanized because their time has run out to find a forever home, and space is needed to save other lives at the shelter. It’s a sad truth, but all too real when it comes to homeless animals. This shelter, however, came up with a great campaign to help get their dogs adopted.

A new take on “home for the holidays,” the shelter decided to waive all adoption fees on dogs and cats older than 5-years-old. This doesn’t mean that they were “giving away free animals.” They still screened applicants, as per usual, but the promotion piqued interest that encouraged people to enter the shelter – and most importantly, consider adopting older pets! While they expected the promotion to work, they weren’t quite ready for how well it was going to work.

Just this past Monday, the shelter posted an awesome Facebook video of the staff in their empty dog kennels to celebrate adopting out ALL of their available dogs for TWO DAYS in a row! What an amazing thing!!

Their video is way too cute, but even more exciting is the fact that so many dogs have found forever homes. Without the hard work of the shelter staff, the animals might still be living in kennels or even worse – euthanized. These recent efforts by shelters across the globe are really paying off, helping animals of every species find loving, forever homes.

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