World Falls In Love With Little Girl and Her Special Needs Great Dane

Almost overnight the internet has fallen in love with these two gorgeous girls! 18-month-old Jennie and her Great Dane Echo just walked into internet fame – and stylishly, in sunglasses!

Like any happy mom, Marion Dwyer took to sharing photos of her daughter, Jennie and dog, Echo with family and friends on Facebook. The media caught sight of a video of the two walking down the street wearing sunglasses and it has since been shared millions of times! The spectacle of the tiny toddler and giant dog wearing their shades has charmed people all over the world – and it’s easy to see why!

The video is adorable, but their family’s story is even sweeter.

Echo, a deaf Great Dane, was rescued from an abusive owner in Louisiana. At just 12 weeks old, her owner was preparing to have her euthanized due to her disabilities, and hadn’t been caring for her. She was starving, underweight and had taken to eating rocks in desperation for some kind of food. When the Dwyers heard they offered to adopt her, took her to the vet and made her a part of their family.

Jennie wouldn’t come along for another 2 ½ years, but Marion says that, looking back, there were signs that she and Echo would be close. Echo took an interest in Marion’s baby bump, would nuzzle her and spend lots of time with her. The moment Jennie came home, Echo became her shadow! They’ve been best friends for all of Jennie’s life, spend time together and Jennie takes her on walks. Even though she’s young, Echo trusts her entirely, and trust is important, because Echo’s eyesight is failing.

Who knew a 7-second clip could be so cute?! Some friendships are just meant to be and this is definitely one of them! The family has two other Great Danes, but it’s clear that Echo has been Jennie’s dog since before she was born.


Featured Photo: Screenshot via Facebook/Marion Dwyer