Why Do Some Dogs Gravitate Toward People Who Don’t Like Pets?

The thought of people being less than dog crazy is practically unfathomable to us, but believe it or not, it does happen (gasp!). Those who aren’t smitten with the canine kind may claim that pooches seem particularly attracted to their indifferent demeanor. Or, maybe you’ve witnessed your own dog making a beeline for someone who’s less than enthused to meet them.

They say that opposites attract, and this scenario certainly seems to prove the old saying true. Have you ever wondered why that is?

Vet Street explains a few possibilities, the first being that it could all be a matter of perspective. In other words, folks that are less than thrilled to get kisses from Fido may only feel like every dog in sight can’t help but bound up to them and shower them with unwanted affection.

With that said, it is definitely possible that some pups gravitate toward certain people, and those people just happen to dislike dogs. For instance, a child who doesn’t care for canines may find that they approach him because a lot of dogs really like kids. Or, maybe a woman who isn’t a fur fanatic notices that they run to her because some dogs are just more comfortable with females (or in some cases, males). Of course, a lot of this has to do with the dog’s past and how he or she has been socialized.

A third possibility is that people who are indifferent to dogs appear less intimidating, especially if the pup tends to be on the timid side. My rescue dog, Luna, gets very apprehensive around strangers and will only approach them when they completely ignore her. Crouching down or offering treats isn’t enough to help her overcome her initial shyness; it just has to be on her own terms.

Use this info to your advantage: maybe the next time you meet a timid pup, you’ll have better luck breaking the ice if you try to hide your love for dogs and act indifferently — at least, until you get to know each other!

(h/t: Vet Street)

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