The Trendy New Kind of Dog Treat Samoyeds Go Nuts For

Let’s be honest. Half the reason we give our Samoyeds treats is the joy it gives us as owners. Am I right? ?

And after all, how could one resist such eyes…

Let’s Be Honest. Most Dog Treats Are Junk Food for Dogs.

Why is this?

There are two main reasons:

1.  Just like humans, dogs like junk! Fat, salt, and sugar taste great and keep us coming back for more.
2. Grains, fat, and other fillers are cheaper for dog treat manufacturers, and therefore give the perception that you’re getting more for your money. The package might say “chicken recipe” but odds are there is very little chicken is in the product.

The Trend Toward Less Ingredients

Fortunately, there has been a huge movement towards treats containing less ingredients. And there’s one ingredient that both humans and pups can agree on: pure meat!


The Freeze Dried Raw Craze

We’ve written about the recent surge in popularity of freeze dried treats. To summarize, many raw freeze dried treats contain only one ingredient. In addition, the freeze drying process itself is a far superior way of preserving a food, because it requires no artificial chemicals for the process to work. The result is a meat product that still has 98% of the nutrients it had prior to freeze drying.

If you haven’t yet tried freeze dried raw treats, we’d highly encourage you to give them a try.

Because of our research over the last few month into raw freeze dried, iHeartDogs recently released our own Project Paws™ line of Freeze Dried Dog Treats. As with all of our products, every purchase supports animal shelters. Each individual pack provides 14 healthy meals for shelter or rescue dogs!

Don’t just take it from us though, do your own research on freeze dried raw treats. Most importantly, know what goes into your Samoyeds’ body, and give them the best! Their lives are too short enough as it is, and we think they deserve it!

Grab a Pack of These Treats While They’re Still In Stock!

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