Special Look At Groomer Who Made A Name For Herself Showcasing Dog’s Inner Beauty

Have you ever wondered what a career as a dog groomer is really like? The new Mashable series, How She Works gives an intimate glimpse at the highlights and challenges for one young groomer.

Jess Rona has been beautifying other people’s pups for 16 years and says a successful groom is about far more than just cutting hair. It’s about respecting the dogs’ feelings with a dose of artistic talent thrown in.

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Rona considers herself a sculptor working in the difficult medium of dog hair. Rather than stick to the traditionally accepted cut for each breed, she likes to give each of her canine clients a bit of extra flair. At the same time she understands that most dogs do not enjoy the process and does her best to lessen the stress.

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As a former veterinary technician I have worked side by side with groomers and seen the challenges they face everyday. They have the power to gain dogs’ trust and transform them from severely matted and pitiful to gorgeous and confident.

The coolest thing about Jess Rona’s grooming business is that she shares her experiences with the world. She documents her cuddly clients before, after and during their sessions via her Instagram page! Be sure to check it out.

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