Senior Puppy Mill Dog Born Without Eye Loves To Enjoy The Snow

Winter is still here and going strong for many across the globe, with most people looking at the falling snow in disdain. But there’s one pup who has no such feelings towards the fluffy white stuff. In fact, this adorable pooch is as excited as ever for there to be snow outside. Smiley, as this cutie is named, is a special dog. He’s a 15-year-old Golden Retriever that was born without eyes in a filthy puppy mill. This sweet senior is so thrilled to be playing in the snow, he’s sure to bring a warm smile to your heart – so it’s a good thing his name is Smiley.

Since he’s well into his senior years, Smiley is also almost completely deaf. His owner says he can still hear high-pitched sounds, so when she took him out to play in the snow, she uses her high-pitched, Smiley-exclusive voice. It might sound pretty awful to people, but to Smiley it’s the sound of his beloved human mom. We all know how silly we can look and sound when talking to our dogs, so we have to give it to her for putting forth the extra effort for Smiley.


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Just when you wouldn’t expect Smiley to get any more incredible, we’re happy to inform you that his lived his 15 years out as a therapy dog for children. It’s such a noble job for such a wonderful pooch, and we’re so happy to see that Smiley was given the love and life he so greatly deserves. If you haven’t gotten enough of Smiley from this video (we know we haven’t), you can check out his Instagram here!