Puppy Can’t Sit On Mom’s Lap, So He Throws A (Seriously Adorable) Tantrum!

Anyone who has a child in the family knows that kids throw tantrums, especially when they don’t get their way. They whine, complain, cry and scream just to get attention and to get what they want.

Well, puppies are like that too! They use their irresistibly adorable faces and their cute crying voices to win you over. Just like the cute pup in the video below!

This pup named Little Napoleon is riding in the car with his mom. He wants to sit on mommy’s lap but his mom wouldn’t let him. Watch the video below and see his adorable tantrum!

Left Right


Awwww…listen to that cute voice! And who could ever resist that cute face?! Oh sweetie, you can sit on my lap any time you want!

Has your dog ever thrown a tantrum? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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