Mom Doesn’t Know What The Family Dog Looks Like

Mothers have a lot to keep track of, and sometimes little things escape their attention. Like what the family dog looks like. Any white dog could be yours if there’s a chance he escaped, right?

Jeff Squires learned the hard way that some details about their dog may have escaped his mother’s attention. On Wednesday, he shared this conversation with his mom on twitter and the internet can’t stop laughing.

“Yesterday I learned that my mom has no idea what our dog looks like,” Squires wrote, and he included the following pictures.

Image source: @jeff_jssj via twitter

She’s concerned that their dog might be lost; that’s perfectly understandable, right? Well…

Image source: @jeff_jssj via twitter

Simple mistake, right? Here’s the greatest part – while the dog in the picture appears to be mostly Great Pyrenees or Golden Retriever, Duey actually looks like this:



Image source: @jeff_jssj via twitter

Twitter’s reaction to the mix-up is hilarious:

Hopefully Jeff’s mom will remember what Duey looks like in the future!

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