Man’s Best Friend Balances Mom’s Beer On His Nose While She Pours A Refill

In many ways, River is your typical Golden Retriever. He’s smart, energetic, friendly, and a total ham! Adopted as a pup by Kristen and Chris Sillay, River’s incredible bond with his mom led her to teach him some unique tricks. While many dogs can balance objects on their muzzles, there aren’t too many that can hold perfectly still while an empty glass is filled with beer on the bridge of their nose!


Meredith Richmond, a friend of the family, tells Daily Mail UK that River loves balancing items on his head as much as onlookers love watching it!

“River’s unwavering trust in Kristen has allowed her to teach him his balancing skills. Whenever she places something on his head, he immediately goes into ‘presentation mode’ and goes still, waiting patiently for her command to relax.”

On a recent visit to Sycamore Brewing in Charlotte, NC River used his skill to lend a helping paw when Kristen needed a spot to set down her beer. Not only did he hold perfectly still to balance the glass on his nose, he even stayed in position while she poured herself a refill!

Left Right

For those who fear that River’s calm, gentle nature is being taken advantage of, Meredith says that couldn’t be further from the truth. According to her, the pooch loves to balance items on his head, from pizza to sunglasses and Jenga pieces.

“River really is a special dog and loves the attention from balancing items,” she told Daily Mail UK. “People started to gather around because they were amazed by his skill and he loves meeting new people.”

“We never leave anything on him for more than one minute,” Meredith added.

The adorable video has gone viral, with people all over the world expressing their admiration for “man’s best friend,” the beer-balancing pup!

H/T to Daily Mail UK

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