Intuitive “Mood Collar” Changes Colors According To Dog’s Emotions

We’re lucky that dogs are so expressive with their faces and bodies. With a little knowledge in dog behavior, it can be quite easy to read how your dog is feeling. But not always…

Joji Yamaguchi has an 11-year-old Corgi, named Akane, who’s been a bit anxious since he was a puppy. He’ll frequently bark at passers-by, dogs, and cats. But Yamaguchi wanted to know more about what was behind the bark; was he speaking out of aggression? Fear? A desire to play?

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That’s when this clever dog-dad invented the Inupathy Collar. Aiming to give pup parents insight and empathy into their dog’s emotions, this intuitive gadget tracks dogs’ heartbeats to help determine how they’re feeling.

One of the interesting things that Yamaguchi discovered is that the reason Akane barks at cats is much different than why he barks at other dogs!

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The collar connects to a smart phone app that gives pup parents deeper insight into their dog’s emotions. It also gives suggestions on what games to play, depending on the dog’s mood, in order to illuminate the collar’s “happy lights”!

This brief video details the collar’s features:

How cool is that?! While most pet parents have a good idea how our dogs are feeling, there are definitely instances where it’s easy to get puzzled,  particularly around new stimuli. After all, as in the case of Akane, dogs can bark for many different reasons!

What do you think? Would you be interested in trying a Inupathy Collar on your dog? 

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