How To Decide If A Canine Is Cat-Pleasant

There are canine individuals and there are cat individuals. Then there are the animal lovers prepared to open their houses to any creature in want. Ultimately, these kindhearted people discover themselves intoducing canine and feline pack members – with various levels of success. Fortunately, there are a number of components that may aid you decide in case your canine is cat-friendly sufficient for a feline companion earlier than you make the introduction.


Whilst you completely can’t choose a canine primarily based solely on its pedigree, members of sure breed teams usually tend to get together with cats than others. Canine from the Toy Group reminiscent of Maltese, Pugs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have been bred as loving companions. They are usually affectionate, sociable and welcoming to new pals – together with cats.

Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are members of the Sporting Group, and are sometimes pleasant and outgoing with everybody and the whole lot. They’re additionally recognized for his or her trainability and want to please their masters.

Alternatively, Terriers, sighthounds, and sure members of the Working Group have excessive prey drives and an innate want to chase something small and fast-moving. These canine, together with Huskies, Jack Russell Terriers, and Greyhounds, have been bred to hunt, chase and kill their targets.

Nevertheless, their looking expertise are only one facet of their personalities, and positively don’t imply these canine can’t be pleasant with cats. They might want just a little additional coaching and supervision, however all canine have the potential to be cat-friendly.


Whether or not you might have a purebred or a mixed-breed, total persona ought to provide you with an concept if a canine is cat-friendly or not. For instance, how does your canine behave when the doorbell rings? How about when a squirrel or neighborhood cat crosses his path throughout a stroll?

Since hyper-reactive canine usually tend to chase and/or assault smaller animals, the way in which a canine behaves in these conditions can present perception into how they might reply to a cat within the residence. Look ahead to tell-tale physique language indicators reminiscent of stiff posture, staring and lunging.

A 2017 research discovered that canine react extra strongly to cat sounds versus the sight or scent of a cat. So, if you need to carry a cat into your house, play your canine just a few recordings of feline vocalizations. In accordance with the research, the sooner they orient to the sound, the larger the prospect the canine is cat-friendly.

Previous Habits

Dr. Phil typically says, “the most effective predictor of future conduct is previous conduct.” Whereas he’s sometimes speaking about dishonest spouses, the identical mantra holds true for canine. Natasha Feduik, a licensed veterinary technician at Backyard Metropolis Park Animal Hospital in New York, agrees.

“Irrespective of how determined these pet eyes are, belief that historical past will repeat itself,” she writes. “If the canine has gone after a cat or different small animal up to now, he most certainly will once more.”

Canine usually tend to be accepting of cats if they’re raised amongst them. If you wish to have each species, contemplate bringing them into your house on the identical time. It will assist stop territoriality and encourage a mutual bond.

Nevertheless, simply because a canine is cat-friendly along with his “personal” feline, doesn’t imply he received’t chase others. So at all times hold your canine on a leash or in a fenced yard.

“Cat-Testing” A Canine

Have you ever ever puzzled how animal shelters decide if a canine is cat-friendly? The method sometimes includes a few skilled workers members and one very laid again cat! Most shelters and rescue teams have a particular cat or two which can be completely snug within the firm of canine. These pleasant felines function their official “cat testers.”

The check begins with the cat in a crate or safely behind a glass door whereas the canine walks previous on a leash. If the canine stays calm with a wholesome stage of curiosity, the volunteer takes the cat out of the crate and holds it in his or her arms. Whereas it’s completely regular for the canine to smell and look at the cat, the workers look ahead to regarding behaviors reminiscent of these listed above.

If there is no such thing as a barking or lunging, the following step is to place the cat on the ground with the canine nonetheless safely on a leash. Ought to the canine keep his or her manners, the final step is to let go of the leash and permit the canine to look at the cat face-to-face.

It is a surefire methodology for figuring out if a canine is cat-friendly and able to make feline pals. Nevertheless, solely professionals ought to try to carry out a cat-test. Contact a coach or behaviorist that will help you decide your canine’s stage of consolation with cats.

Canines and felines can actually coexist peacefully, however it could take a little bit of an adjustment interval. Bear in mind, animals are people, similar to people. No matter your canine’s breed, persona, or previous conduct, it’s at all times greatest to carefully monitor the early interactions between canine and cats.


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