Gary Says Goodbye To His Mommy, The Late Carrie Fisher, In Tweet

Although Carrie Fisher is undoubtedly the more well-known star of the two, Gary, her beloved French Bulldog pup, is a celebrity in his own right. The late actress would often take him with her to interviews and Fisher shared many photos of him on social media. In fact, Gary even has his own Twitter account, @Gary_TheDog, where he posts his own cute updates. The account has received over 26,000 followers – no small feat! He’s a very sweet pup and we’re happy to see that Fisher was able to give him such an incredible home.

It has been very unfortunate to know that Gary is dealing with the loss of his mother and nothing has described his experience better than his recent post, just hours after her passing. This heartfelt post is certainly leaving us a little misty-eyed and we hope the best for Gary and the rest of Fisher’s friends and family during this painful time.

We know just how close dogs can become to their owners, so we hope that Gary’s adjustment period without his human is as easy as possible. We’re sure he has some great people looking after him and making sure he’s feeling loved and cared for. Our thoughts and condolences out to everyone who knew and loved Fisher, two- and four-legged alike.