Dog Gets Very Comfortable While He’s Getting Massaged By His Human

After the end of a tiring but productive workday, we all deserve to sit back and relax. Every one of us need rest after all. And what’s more relaxing than getting a soothing massage. It’s even more soothing when you’re getting the massage from someone you love and trust.

So you can just imagine just how relaxed this dog is when he gets a massage from his human. The video didn’t provide any other details, but it looks like this dog is either part of a K9 unit or K9 corps since the guy giving him a massage is wearing an army shirt. Nevertheless, this dog sure looks like one pampered pup! Check out the video below!

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This is life!

Via ViralHog

Posted by SAYS Philippines on Monday, July 4, 2016

After watching this I went and gave my dog a massage too! LOL!

Have you tried giving your dog a massage? If you don’t know how, you can check out THIS VIDEO!