May Your Canine’s Water Bowl Make Him Sick? Right here’s What You Want To Know

Do you know that your canine’s water bowl might make him sick? There are literally a number of other ways you might be placing your canine’s well being in danger together with his water bowl. From the fabric the bowl is constituted of to how typically you wash it, there are a number of other ways your canine’s water bowl can have an effect on his well being. Right here’s how.

Rare washing

Should you’re like most canine homeowners, you simply rinse and refill your canine’s water bowl as soon as a day. In any case, it’s simply water. The issue is that water can harbor all kinds of pathogens. Should you aren’t sanitizing the bowl daily, you’re opening your canine to the potential for an infection from issues like yeast, mould, Salmonella, and E. coli. You must actually have an additional set of bowls. That method, one set is at all times being washed, sanitized, and air-dried or going by way of a cycle within the dishwasher.

Canine bowl materials issues

The water bowl itself may be making your canine sick. It’s extra vital than you notice to decide on the suitable bowl on your canine. Right here’s what you want to find out about canine bowl supplies.


Plastic is the worst doable materials a canine bowl may very well be constituted of. Why? Two causes.

Plastic scratches simply, and these scratches make nice locations for micro organism and different pathogens to cling to and reproduce. This will increase the chances of your canine changing into sick. These scratches are more durable to get clear than you’d count on, so even common sanitizing can’t assure your canine’s well being.

Secondly, plastic tends to launch quite a lot of chemical substances. Have you ever heard all of the fuss about BPA in containers that maintain meals or water for people, particularly infants? BPA stands for Bisphenol A, an artificial estrogen generally present in plastic merchandise that has been linked to issues with reproductive points, impaired mind operate, most cancers, cardiovascular system harm, diabetes, early puberty, weight problems, and resistance to chemotherapy in people. It isn’t tough to think about that our beloved fur kids may very well be harmed by BPA as nicely.

Along with BPA, plastic comprises different chemical substances that may leach into your canine’s water and make him sick. When you can cut back the chances of harming your canine by discovering canine bowls which can be licensed as being freed from BPA and phthalates, you’re higher off avoiding plastic bowls altogether.


You in all probability already know concerning the risks of ingesting lead. Each from time to time there are tales of kids changing into sick from lead poisoning after chewing on toys made in China or elsewhere that have been contaminated with lead. Do you know that there’s lead in ceramic glazes? Whereas some pottery is fired at temperatures excessive sufficient to forestall the lead from leaching into the water or meals within the bowl, the slightest scratch or different harm could cause result in get into the water anyway. Lead poisoning is tough and costly to deal with. Subsequently, it is best to usually test for chips and cracks and discontinue use for those who spot any. Should you insist on shopping for ceramic bowls on your canine, stick with ones made within the USA (after 1971 – don’t use heirloom china) which can be licensed for meals use and constituted of both porcelain or stoneware.


Aluminum will not be generally utilized in canine bowls, and for good motive – aluminum can leach into meals and trigger cognitive dysfunction and bone harm. If aluminum is utilized in pots and pans for human use, it’s speculated to be anodized. Anodized aluminum is assumed to scale back the danger, however there’s some debate about how efficient that is. Should you occur to have aluminum canine bowls, it is best to in all probability cease utilizing them.


Whereas glass canine bowls are unusual, many individuals select to make use of their very own bowls to offer their canine meals and water, and glass could be a handy possibility. So long as it isn’t cracked or chipped, glass is completely protected for canine. The issue with glass is that it’s simply damaged, and even a tiny chip or crack can injure your canine’s tongue if he licks it. Use glass bowls with warning.


Stainless-steel is the most secure possibility for canine bowls. It’s straightforward to sanitize and unlikely to scratch or chip. Canine are unlikely to chew on it, and there are a selection of sizes and shapes at a low worth level. These within the know suggest chrome steel for canine bowls.

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