Adorable Pup Waits Outside Hospital For Ill Owner

It’s not a comfortable subject to discuss, but as dog owners we need to be mindful of what will happen to our dogs in case of an emergency. For one particular owner, this fear became a reality. Thankfully, there were good people out to help. This patient was out walking their beloved dog when they became ill and an ambulance had to be called. Not wanting to separate the duo or leave the dog stranded alone, the medical team decided to take the pup with them.

While the patient was being treated, the pup was stationed outside. The staff made sure he was quite comfortable. They gave him food, water and even made him a cozy bed while he waited for his owner. The devoted pup had no intention of leaving his owner at the hospital and waited patiently outside until they were reunited. “He seemed very entertained by the passing ambulance crews and hospital staff and even managed to sneak a bite of our lunch,” paramedic Stephanie Angelou told the Evening Standard.

Not only were the paramedics amazing for making sure that this poor pup was taken care of, they treated his owner to the best of their ability and safely reunited the two. This loyal little pup certainly deserves an extra treat or two for sticking by to make sure his human was safe and sound!