8 Essential Products To Include In Your Doggy Disaster Preparedness Kit

It seems like every other news story involves some kind of disaster. From wildfires to hurricanes and “bomb cyclones”, no place is safe from the power of nature.

Your family may be primed to face any scenario with a detailed preparedness plan and emergency evac-kit, but don’t forget your dog needs evacuation supplies, too!

Creating a doggy disaster preparedness kit helps ensure that your pooch remains safely by your side throughout any emergency. The following 8 essential products will prepare your pup for any calamity that may come your way.

1. Rescue Alert Stickers

In case of fire, flood or medical emergency, rescue workers are more likely to save your dog if an alert sticker is placed on or near your front door. This 2-pack of Reflective UV Resistant Alert Stickers is perfect for covering the front and back enterances of your home. Simply mark the number of dogs, cats, birds and other pets with a permanent marker and place them in clear view.


2. Emergency Contact Cards

It is best to formulate a list of emergency info and pet-friendly accomodations outside your geographic area before disaster strikes. These durable PVC Emergency Info Wallet Cards have space for your pet’s personal info, as well as your vet, animal poison control and emergency animal hospital, so no matter where you end up, your pup’s most important info is always with you.


3. Car Harness/Seatbelt

Adjustable Dog Seatbelts are safe and comfortable alternatives to crating in the car and should be used any time your pup rides, not just during emergencies!


4. Nighttime Safety Wear

Should it be necessary to evacuate after dark, it is important to make sure passing cars and rescue workers can spot your pup! Reflective Safety Bandanas, LED Collar Covers and LED Safety Tags are excellent solutions and also come in handy for evening walks and play sessions!


5. Pet First Aid Kit

Basic supplies like gauze, medical tape, tweezers, antiseptic wipes and latex gloves are essential for tending to minor injuries that may occur during the chaos of a disaster. Be sure to also include a supply of your dog’s medications. If your pup is prone to anxiety, ask your vet to prescribe something.


6. Toys Chews

Should you have to evacuate, your dog will need something to keep him occupied during the stress of travel. Rather than scurrying around collecting favorite toys and bones, consider purchasing a few items to pack away in your doggy disaster kit.

The Comfort Cuddler is a soft, heart shaped snuggle toy with an easy-open velcro pouch designed to hold an item bearing your soothing scent. It’s the perfect item to provide relaxation during stressful events like car rides and visiting unfamiliar places.

The Brite Bite Brushing Stick is made of durable rubber for endless hours of tooth-polishing chewing and can double as a busy-toy when trapped indoors. Simply apply peanut butter, coconut oil or flavored toothpaste!


7. Travel Bowl

Rather than packing up clunky stainless steel or ceramic bowls, add this Foldable Pet Bowl to your kit. It’s the perfect size for meals or life-saving drinks of water and comes with a clip to attach to your dog’s leash or crate.


8. Extra Leash

The most important thing you can do for your dog during a disaster is to keep him safely by your side! That’s why it is vital to pack an extra leash in your doggy evac-kit. It can also come in handy should you come across another pup in peril.

All of the Ultra-Durable Paracord Leashes from iHeartDogs serve a higher purpose. The Military Green leash helps provide service dogs to veterans; the Black leash gives 20 meals to shelter dogs; and the Lavendar leash funds pet cancer research!

In addition to these products, be sure your dog wears his ID tags and has at least a week’s supply of food, bottled water and medication on hand at all times. Keep current veterinary records in your kit along with pet insurance info. And finally, include a photo of you and your pup together to quickly prove ownership should he be picked up by rescue workers.

For more information, visit the ASPCA Disaster Preparedness page and consider downloading their mobile app which shows pet parents exactly what to do in case of a natural disaster. It also allows pet owners to store vital medical records and provides information on making life-saving decisions during natural disasters.

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