6 Must-Have Items To Put In Your Dog’s Easter Basket

One of the best parts of celebrating Easter with our furry family is putting together the basket! We love giving our pets gifts, and Easter is just one more excuse to spoil our dogs. Even if they can’t eat candy, we can still share the fun of a great Easter basket with our pets!

It’s important to remember not to include chocolate or other snacks high in sugar and fat in your dog’s basket – but there are “cheats” and non-edible items he can enjoy that are totally safe. Remember to include these fun gifts in his basket to give him a happy Easter!

Carob Easter “Candy”

An Easter Basket doesn’t seem complete without a chocolate bunny – but of course, we know we can’t give chocolate to our dogs! A great alternative is carob – which is naturally sweet and doesn’t contain the caffeine and theobromine that makes chocolate dangerous for pups. You can buy your pup a carob bunny, or if you’re crafty (like this person) you can make your own if you have bunny molds!

Confused about carob? ProudDogMom explains what it is and why it’s safe for pups!

Use carob – NOT chocolate!

Animal Plushies

Cute plushies often accompany the edible treats in Easter baskets. Stuffed bunnies, chicks, and baby ducks are typical gifts. This duck’s cute face says “cuddle me” but his body just begs for a game of tug-of-war! Your dog will love him to bits!

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Eggs and Easter go hand-in-hand, and they’re good for dogs! Even the shells can be beneficial, as they contain calcium and protein. If you’re concerned about your dog having trouble with shells, you can remove them and crush them, or crack the egg all over so your dog can bite right through. You should skip dying them, but you can still hide them for your dog to find if you’d like to give him his own egg hunt!


Ask any kid and they’ll tell you – more treats mean a better basket, and the same is true for dogs! Treats can be both delicious and good for him, like these Single Ingredient Freeze Dried Treats. They’re grain free, gluten free, and full of protein. If you’d like to make your own treats, try the Carob Pup Cups from ProudDogMom!

Bunny Burrow 

What’s an Easter basket without a few bunnies? If your dog is a digger, he’ll have a blast pulling the bunnies out of this carrot! It could also help distract him from digging up your spring flowers!

Image Source: ZippyPaws via Amazon

Brushing Ball

The Easter Bunny used to love to gift a toothbrush along with the rest of my holiday loot – probably to remind me to brush after eating all the sugary stuff buried in my basket. I’d groan and put it aside, but it’s really not a bad idea! Your dog probably isn’t a fan of having his teeth brushed, but we’ll bet he’ll love this Fresh Mint Scented Brushing Ball. The rubber fingers will gently remove plaque from his teeth while he plays with it!

Your purchase provides 1 dog toy for a shelter in need!