5 Reasons To Add Protein Toppers To Your Dog’s Food

Raw freeze dried dog food toppers aren’t necessarily new, but have only recently begun gaining major traction among dog parents. Recently we decided to look into why they are becoming so popular. Here’s 5 reasons we found:

#1: Most Dry Wet Dog Food Contain Surprisingly Low Amounts of Protein

Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on your dog’s food? Odds are, a protein source is listed as the first ingredient. However, many pet parents are surprised to learn that even though ingredients are listed in order by weight, the weights are prior to cooking. As a result, the amount of cooked protein after all the moisture is lost is surprisingly low, and is mostly likely significantly less than the carbohydrates listed on the ingredient list.

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#2: The Freeze Drying Process Itself Preserves Meat Quality with No Chemicals

First of all, lets define what exactly the freeze drying process is. When a meat is freeze dried, first it’s flash frozen at an ultra-low temperature. Next, the moisture is removed via a vacuum process. Because bacteria and other microorganisms need water to thrive, freeze-dried foods are preserved in a safe way without the use of chemical preservatives or additives.

Here’s an example of a freeze dried chicken product.


#3: Less Ingredients, Less Fear  Guilt

Most freeze-dried raw toppers or mixers contain very few ingredients. This is a huge point for dog owners concerned about allergies, as every additional ingredient poses a risk. As mentioned above, the freeze drying process itself preserves the meat  naturally, so added chemicals aren’t needed to create a long shelf life. (NASA has extensively used freeze-dried foods to feed astronauts on space missions)

Do keep in mind, however, that not all freeze dried toppers/mixers contain minimal ingredients, and not all freeze dried treats contain raw meat. Which brings us to my next finding…

#4: Raw Meat Packs More Nutrients

The overwhelming majority of dog toppers on the market are cooked or dehydrated. Dehydration isn’t necessarily terrible, but it does use high heat that kills much of the nutrients that are present in raw meat. Raw meat leaves nutrients as natural and potent as possible, the way ancestors of dogs would have eaten in the wild.

While the thought of raw meat is a bit gross to people, there’s nothing more natural for dogs, whose digestive systems have evolved over time to handle the raw meat (and even bones) that they would consume in the wild. (We’ve written more about the benefits of raw diets here and here.)

#5: More Bang for The Buck

Because the freeze drying process removes water, it also significantly reduces the weight and size of freeze dried protein toppers. This results in more value for the consumer. For example, this 10 oz. pack of freeze dried beef liver actually contains 35 oz. of meat before the freeze drying process. Basically, your dog gets more protein packed into a smaller package.

When iHeartDogs decided to expand our line of products that raise money for animal shelters, offering freeze dried mixers was a no brainer for us. Because we believe in only selling products that we ourselves passionately use for our own dogs, we couldn’t be more proud of our new line of Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Mixers. Each pack sold provides 14 meals for dogs in shelters or rescues. 

However, we care more about the health of your dog than whether or not you buy our specific product. We encourage you to do your own research on freeze dried as we did. We trust you’ll agree with us on the benefits, and make the best choice for your dog!

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