3 Things Your Great Dane Loves More Than Anything

Just like humans, all dogs have different likes and dislikes. But within a breed, there do seem to be some similarities in temperament and personality. These similarities can help Dane owners figure out what their Dane loves to do. Then, you can use these as ways to reward your Dane during training or just to show them how much they mean to you.

The following are 3 things your Great Dane may love more than anything.

Image Source: Jon Hurd Via Flickr
Image Source: Jon Hurd Via Flickr

#1 – Furniture

Great Danes love to have furniture to lounge on. Maybe it’s their size, but they seem to feel they should sit where the humans do…some will even try to sit on your lap! So giving your Dane space on the couch is sure to please him.

#2 – You!

Like most breeds, Danes love their people. So spending time with you is enough to make your Great Dane very happy. You don’t have to do anything special – just a nice walk, a cuddle on the couch (hey, that combines two favorite things!), or a doggy massage is perfect.

#3 – Barking At Things

This one you may not be very happy about, but Great Danes seem to enjoy barking at things. The squirrel out the window, the mailman, the leaf blowing in the wind. She just wants to make sure her home and people are safe from all those scary things….or maybe she just like the sound of her own voice.

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