3 Signs Your Great Dane Needs More Exercise

Great Danes are a funny breed. They were bred to hunt and are definitely athletic. But many owners say their Danes are total couch potatoes. So which are they? Danes seem to be a mix of the two, with many of them falling somewhere in between. This can make it hard for owners to know if their Dane is getting enough activity. The important thing is to watch your dog’s behavior and health, both of which will let you know if your Dane is getting the right amount. The following are 3 signs your Great Dane needs more exercise.

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#1 – Destructive Behaviors

Great Danes are huge dogs that can make big messes if they desire. This includes chewing things, getting into your trash, and even destroying the carpet. These behaviors (as long as they aren’t linked to separation anxiety) can be partially diminished through more exercise. Couple that with training and your Dane will stop these problem behaviors.

#2 – Overweight

Danes should have a svelte body with a lot of definition. If your Great Dane is starting to lose that definition and has no waist, it may be time to up the exercise and consult with your vet about a diet change. Extra weight is hard on those big joints so you want to keep it off.

#3 – Nuisance Barking

Every Dane owner knows that they like to bark at small animals. If your Great Dane has started to bark at every little noise or thing he sees, he may have some pent-up energy. In addition to training, more exercise will give him less energy to carry on this annoying behavior.

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