3 Signs Your Dachshund Needs More Exercise

Just because Dachshunds are a small breed does not mean that they have a small amount of energy! Doxies can be quite energetic. Each dog is different and that includes their exercise needs. Your older Doxie may have no problem spending most of her day curled up on her bed, while your younger Dachshund may run circles around her. The main thing is knowing when your dog is trying to tell you that she has too much energy. The following are 3 signs your Dachshund needs more exercise.

Image Source: Tony Alter Via Flickr
Image Source: Tony Alter Via Flickr

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#1 – Nuisance Barking

Doxies bark. And while Dachshunds bark for many reasons, including behavioral issues such as alert and reactive barking, it never hurts to rule out something as simple as needing more exercise before calling in the trainer. This is especially true if your Doxie normally doesn’t bark much, but suddenly starts barking at everything. It could be that he just needs to run around a bit more. After exercising, he should quiet down. If not, call the trainer.

#2 – Destructive Behavior

Another way your Doxie lets you know she has pent-up energy is by destroying things. Maybe she shreds her toys or gets into the garbage. Maybe your backyard looks like the surface of the moon, it has so many holes in it. Digging is a self-reinforcing behavior that dogs do for several reasons, including boredom and extra energy. Giving your Dachshund an extra walk or jog will help curb these destructive behaviors.

#3 – Overweight

While this is not an active sign from your Doxie, it is a sign, and an important one. Doxies are very prone to obesity, and it can really take a toll on their bodies. If you start noticing that your Dachshund is getting a bit thick in the middle, she probably needs a bit more exercise.

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