12 Dog Breeds That Have Type B Personalities

We all know the Type B personalities; easy-going, steady workers and low-drive. The same can be said for Type B dogs. If you’re looking for an even-tempered, fun-loving but non-competitive breed to share your home with, consider checking out the breeds in this list. They make excellent family companions and do just fine with training, but they may not be the advanced competition winners or hard workers that the Type A breeds are.

#1 – Labrador Retriever


There’s a reason the Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds around the world. They are active, easily trained and have wonderful temperaments. They are social with their families, strangers, other dogs and even other animals.

#2 – Golden Retriever


The Golden Retriever follows its Labrador cousin right into the popularity limelight. They are fantastic family companions that are eager to please, active outdoors but relaxed in the house. This breed is an excellent choice for someone looking for an easy-going breed that is friendly with family and strangers alike.

#3 – Beagle


The Beagle is a small dog that is known for having a very stable temperament and strong affection toward its family and strangers. They are fun-loving but sometimes lazy, not very sensitive to change and strange sounds and environments and therefore make a great choice for families with children.

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