10 Ways Your Dog’s Body Tells You What They Are Thinking

Did you know that wolves and wild dogs don’t often communicate by bark in the wild? Barking seems to be a form of communication dogs use just for us – their noisy human friends. Your dog has so many things to tell you, important things like  “I love you” and “I’m hurt!”

If you don’t speak dog, you could be missing out on a lot of need-to-know information

Buckle up for a crash course in canine communication cues to make chatting with your best friend a little simpler!

 1. Eyes Open Wide, On You

Your dog is looking for your attention. With his ears perked up and mouth relaxed, it’s likely he’s in a good mood and just wants something from you – maybe a treats or a scratch behind the ears! Keep an eye on him to see what he does next or if his body language changes.

 2. Yawning

This seems like a no-brainer, but a dog yawn doesn’t always mean what a human yawn will. Look out for this one when you’re out in public, it could mean your dog is grumpy or uncomfortable and ready to go home. This can also be a sign of anxiety. However, if you yawn first and your dog copy-cats, it could just mean he feels close to you, yawns are contagious, after all!

 3. Licking His Own Face

It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it gesture, but if your dog is licking his face, he could feel pressured, nervous, or stressed. Of course, rule out the possibility of their being peanut butter or something equally tasty on his snout!

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