10 Gifts For People Who Love Dogs More Than People

You know that person who would rather get their exercise at the dog park than the gym? The one who wears the dog fur clinging to their shirt with pride and throws birthday parties for their pup? Lucky you!

If you’re looking for that perfect gift to surprise your favorite crazy-dog person, iHeartDogs has you covered! Bonus: doing your holiday shopping through iHeartDogs supports shelter dogs with food and toys through Greater Good! And while you’re at it, no reason not to treat yo’ self to relieve the holiday shopping stress. You’re doing good for dogs!

1. Sorry, I Have Plans, $22.99 – $24.99. Netflix, ice cream, dog, couch. No better night in.

2. Lava Bead Rainbow Bridge Bracelet, $17.99. This bracelet commemorates a loved pet that has passed and is a great way to show a friend who has suffered a loss that their pet isn’t forgotten. Each bead tells a part of their story. It’s a lot of love in one little bracelet.

3. Except Dogs, $22.99 – $25.99. For the friend who doesn’t care about the opinions of others – unless those others are dogs, because of course they care. (Available in other styles.)

4. 2 Piece Best Friend Necklace and Pet Tag Set, $16.99. Does your best friend have a different best friend? Show that there’s no hard feelings by getting them a reminder of their friendship.

5. Dogs And 3 People Ladies’ Premium V-Neck, $24.99 – $25.99. Get your friend this shirt, and maybe one of those three people will be you! (Available in other styles.)

 6. Shatterproof Rescue Dogs and Drink Wine Silicone Wine Cups (Set of 2,) $15.99 OR 8 for $49. Wine pairs well with wet noses.

7. The Dog Lives, $22.99 – $24.99. For the person who refuses to watch Old Yeller, but will watch SAW movies all day.

8. Dog Socks, $6.99 – $8.99 OR 5 for $25. Good news: all socks are 5 for $25! You can mix and match and get that someone enough socks to get them through their work week!

9. Free Hugs Premium T-Shirt, $24.99 – $27.99. Hugs and dogs go together like beans and cornbread. (Available in other styles.)

10. Furever™ Adoption Locket Set, $19.99. Celebrate your friend’s decision to adopt their pet and help them commemorate the moment!